Official site of Italian Perfins

This site is intended as a landmark for collectors of Italian loose perfins or perfin tied to integral documents and his aim is to integrate the "Italian Perfins Catalogue" published in the year 2009 by the editor VACCARI s.r.l., listing the discovery of new patterns, and any variation to include in the catalogue.

Collectors may contact us by e-mail, to ask for information regarding perfins or for any question about patterns discovered and not well understood. We assure a prompt and complete reply to all.

            Italian advertising telegrams catalogue

 The site also deal with other collecting fields, i. e. updating with the new discoveries and variations the Italian advertising catalogue published in 2009 by the “Unione Filatelisti Interofili”.


Cancellations - Postal meters


Additional arguments taken in consideration are the specialized listing of particular cancellations and postal meters not being well investigated till now. Also in this case the aim is to press the interested collectors to collaborate for a better knowledge of the matter.


Other collectable items


Finally the site could give hospitality to arguments and items connected to the postal world, like the picture postcards or the postal forms, and exceptionally could see to the not postal paper collecting.


Domestic letter rate sent locally in Pescara, franked with 6 stamps perfored CI. It is one of the early uses of perfins after the WW2 end.